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Register Your 2024 Masters Series BBQ Contest

  • 15 Nov 2023
  • (CST)
  • 15 Nov 2024
  • (CST)
  • Online



This form is used to submit and register Masters Series (Pro) contests to the MN BBQ Society website calendar.

Registration: Registration will collect all the necessary information to post your contest (Contest name/description/dates/logo). When registering, enter the  Event email address (where event communications should be sent), and the Event Organizer's name.

Optional: Team Of The Year Contest: If you would like your contest to be considered for MN TOY (Team of the Year), please be sure to indicate that during registration. The Society will determine if your contest meets the criteria for TOY. If it does, your contest will be advertised and counted as a TOY event for the year.

Contest Cancellations: If your contest is cancelled, please return to here and cancel your contest registration. This will indicate to the Society to update and remove your contest from the website calendar.

Masters Series Contest Criteria:

  • All Masters Series KCBS sanctioned contests in the state of Minnesota will be included in the TOY contest. Contests must adhere to all KCBS rules. Organizers must submit their event to MBS for TOY inclusion. 
  • Contests outside of MN: MBS will consider contests from other states for TOY if they anticipate 50% or more of the competition's competitors will be MBS members. It is the responsibility of the organizer to provide their state's BBQ society or any governing body notice that they are seeking to be approved for team of the year by MN BBQ Society. 

The Minnesota BBQ Society is a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of the art of outdoor cooking.

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