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Team of the Year Award

Each year the Minnesota BBQ Society crowns two teams as the “Team of the Year” (TOY). One team for Backyard and one team for  KCBS Master's Series competitions that occur in Minnesota and the surrounding areas. 

One member of the team must be a member of the society in good standing in order for the team to qualify at the end of each season.

Only qualified contests count towards the Team of the Year ranking and honor.

Pro Rules:

 MN BBQ Society Team of the Year (TOY) _ Pro Rules.pdf

Backyard Rules: 

MN BBQ Society Team of the Year (TOY) _ Backyard Rules.pdf

MBS Masters Series Team of the Year

2023 Winner: Hot Daddy's BBQ

7 Eligible contests

MBS Backyard Team of the Year

2023 Winner: Sensuous BBQ

10+ Eligible contests

The Minnesota BBQ Society is a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of the art of outdoor cooking.

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