2012 was a great year for Mn BBQ. Minnesota was host to 7 contests with 326 teams cooking the events.  On a National scale, we are proud of the accomplishments of Jeff Vanderlinde’s team- Shiggin & Grinin from Delano. The team captured the Grand Championship of the prestigious American Royal BBQ in Kansas City- the largest BBQ contest there is. Minnesota BBQ is now on the map in the BBQ world.


Just to recap 2012


  • The National BBQ News paper was sent to all Mn BBQ Society members
  • An improved and enhanced web site
  • 80 plus students attending a Certified BBQ Judge class in July on a Thursday night prior to the Sams’competiton in Woodbury.
  • A very successful MN BBQ Society contest in May, providing charitable donations to the Dragons car club for their educational scholarships, and to IRIS for their good work with infant issues. Two worthy local Faribault recipients
  • A Society sponsored organizers roundtable discussion in October in Owatonna, bringing together contest organizers for sharing of information and good ideas to help make their contest events more successful.
  • The Society helped put on a couple events for the Boys Club of Minneapolis providing food and equipment and help in teaching some young people how to prepare and cook some delicious BBQ. The staff was also treated to a BBQ meal


Looking ahead for 2013

  • Minnesota will have at this point, 10 contests of which 3 are new.
  • The Society will sponsor a Certified BBQ Judging class and a Certified Table Captain class in March in Owatonna.
  • Minnesota BBQ is excited to be partnering with the U of M Meat Lab in presenting a day long seminar covering a variety of cooking, food safety and other interesting topics. BBQ Spring Training to be held March 30th at the U of M


Mn BBQ has also made available for contest organizers a tool for aiding in Judges Sign up. John Scharfbillig has worked diligently with the Rocky Mountain BBQ Association and has gained access to their judge sign up program. The Society can now offer this service to organizers if they choose to use it.


Our Webmaster, Dan Maley, has continued to update and improve the site. Another new option we have added is Pay Pal as a method of payment for membership. Our intention is to extend this option to MIM signups along with other opportunities. We also have an organizers only section of the website forum so as to allow Mn organizers to communicate and share views.


The Society would also like to extend thanks and great appreciation to the following people for their past service to Mn BBQ.

            Tony Korthaus Treasurer

            John “Moose” Andres Board Member

The Society continues to grow and values input and participation from members.


Dave Londeen

Minnesota BBQ Society